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ckrugman2 said:   NOT IN OUR HOUSE   2012-2-19 0:17:59
UM Football AND Hoops are UNDEFEATED at home in 2011-12. Did the Mayans predict this? :-P GO BLUE!!!
craig818 said:      2011-11-29 16:29:39
That message about weak non conference was from 2006 bro ha... no one has commented on this in 7 years
fkaenzig said:   Re:Michigan's weak schedule   2011-11-27 10:31:0
Ha! Way off base with your comments. UM made mincemeat of UCLA and may have sent them off the rails. Playing Memphis, Duke, and UCLA definitely doesnít count as a weak non-conference schedule. This is a very good team with lots of depth and outstanding coaching; itís a team with heart!
shaka said:   Re:Michigan's weak schedule   2006-12-23 9:13:48
It's not a bad idea that we build some confidence before the conference play begin...
xrandy said:   Michigan's weak schedule   2006-12-23 8:26:10
It's too bad that Michigan has gone the route of beefing up their overall record playing a bunch of nobodys....schedule rank is 324 as of right now and I think a high school team could have an 11-1 record agaianst those foes. I don't think that this primes them for the really tough encounters like the one against UCLA today. Unfortunately it looks like at least a 30 point win for the Bruins.
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