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Rudiger said:   Re:Get Gtown out of the top 10   2012-3-8 5:42:51
Georgetown only has 7 losses and beat Notre Dame by on 18 points on 2-27-12. You don't know what the hell your talking about.
btasler said:   Missing a win for Georgetown   2011-12-7 10:56:48
The victory over Chaminade in the Maui Classic is missing. Would probably end up hurting the RPI but weird that it is not there.
Seamus O'Toole said:   Get Gtown out of the top 10   2011-3-2 7:39:10
LMAO, proof that you have to take this ranking system with a grain of salt, Gtown is STILL ranked 8th with 8 losses even with their recent free fall.And how are they ranked ahead of ND, who beat them, and have a better record against virtually identical competition? Absurd.
Seamus O'Toole said:   Re:Hoyas ranking   2011-2-28 0:11:17
Get outta the top 10 Gtown. You're history. You should have never been ranked ahead of Notre Dame in the first place. ND beat your azzzes. Plus, ND has 7 top 25 wins, and 10 top 50 wins, tied with Pitt and Ohio St for most in the country. ND has been underranked all year. Its time to recognize what they have done this year and give them a #1 seed baby. Gtown, enjoy your 4 or 5 seed.
pstanpeds said:   Hoyas ranking   2011-2-9 20:18:7
All 8 of our wins were against the top 34. only team in the country with 8 top 40 wins.

#4 RPI and #1 SOS now
Playing in the strongest conference in the country though we have 5 losses hoyas are coming on strong
btasler said:   Hoyas Ranking   2011-1-27 9:33:59
While I agree that the RPI is flawed and the Hoyas are certainly ranked higher than they should be they have played the 2nd strongest SOS and went 11-1 in non-conference games, losing only to Temple who was a top-20 RPI at that time. One of the problems with the RPI is that the rankings change as teams win and lose. Several of G-Town's early victories were against teams in the top20 at that time but have since dropped.
chief_nakahoma said:   Gtown   2011-1-17 12:13:32
I seriously don't get this either. My team's down at 41 for losing against #7 UConn and #5 Pitt and #87 USC. Our best win is #19 Mich ST. GTown lost to #29, 14, 13, 9, and 5, but their best win is #31. They might also be overrated or underrated, but you get my point. Something's definitely f***d up
callforlogic said:      2011-1-14 15:52:29
Georgetown should be ranked between 22 and 36, not 7. The highest ranked team they have beaten is 37; they have lost to everyone ranked higher than 22.
darrencate said:   ranking   2011-1-14 9:8:19
I don't understand this ranking system...Georgetown is ranked 7th in the country and they have lost all five of their games against top 25 opponents. Something is wrong with the way this ranking system works???
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