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ConwayGamecock said:   Why All the Quality Wins???   2016-12-2 21:19:7
UConn is the current top WCBB program. I get that. But they get all the ESPN love, and get all the benefits from the national sports media. Why do they get the love from this site as well? I know that the "$" symbol means "Quality win" - what does the "$$" mean? Super-Duper Quality Win??

UConn beats a 12th-ranked FSU in an away game by 2 pts, and its a "$$" win. South Carolina beats a 7th-ranked Ohio State in an away gm by 12, and its not.

UConn beats 2nd-ranked Baylor at home by 11 pts, and it's a "$$" win. South Carolina beats a 4th-ranked Louisville at a neutral site by 24 pts, and its not.

UConn beats an un-ranked LSU in Baton Rouge by 23 pts, and it's a "$$" win. South Carolina beats a 14th-ranked Texas in Austin by 9 pts, and its not.

I do not know if any wins that rates as "Quality wins", or as "$$" wins, merits bonus pts with the RPI or SOS ratings, but it seems to me that ANY win UConn gets will always be regarded as "$$" wins, with no rhyme or reason behind them. Because they are just UConn.

So I guess my question isn't really: why is UConn's wins all considered quality wins - it's more that why isn't SC's wins NOT considered quality wins? If it doesn't matter or affect the ratings, then carry on. But UConn certainly doesn't need all this help, guys....
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