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dell said:   self-actualize like in 1988   2016-1-12 14:6:10
Rekindle eloquent memories of 1988 when UCONN broke through. A repeat in 2016 would self-actualize.
fankhauserlaw said:   $$   2010-3-5 9:12:51
They have to be ranked in top 30 to get a $$.
darrencate said:   $$   2010-3-4 14:25:25
Could someone please tell me how high a win needs to be rpi ranked to get a $$...thanks
kjoneil said:   Gamer is wrong again!   2010-2-22 19:56:8
The problem with these computer models is they can't take into account that a team has been playing under its talent level. UCONN is not great this year, but they are certainly a better team then they had been playing up through the CINN. game. Now they are playing more like they are capable of and a computer stats model can't figure that in.
kjoneil said:   As I said UCONN was not going to lose to Rutgers   2010-2-20 14:43:17
Again UCONN might not be their old self this season but give them some respect. Did you really think they were going to loss to Rutgers!
kjoneil said:   I Can't Believe it!    2010-2-20 12:38:9
I can't believe this site has UCONN losing all of its last five games.I know the teams has under achieved this year and is really not that good. However, There is not way with Calhoun back that this team is losing all five games left on the Big East schedule. To start with they are not losing to Rutgers today!
michael20 said:      2010-2-15 18:26:22
Pickle, before you wrote that treatise, I wish you'd have read my follow up post where I essentially took back all that I wrote...doesn't change the fact that you needed a BS timeout call (two in fact) to beat us ;)

P.S. Brush up on your English before criticizing someone else's. The following is from Mirriam-Webster:

Betray: 4. to reveal unintentionally (betray one's true feelings) (syn: show, indicate) -- to disclose in violation of confidence (betray a secret)

Your team may be good (on the shoulders of a lucky transfer), but you're still clearly a "know-it-all" who doesn't actually know very much.
Pickle said:   :-)   2010-2-11 6:0:10
No OT this time.
Pickle said:   oofah is right   2010-2-8 14:1:58
Michael20, First, minor are betrayed by your own ignorance? Substitute "show" where you had "betray" and only then does your sentence make any sense.

Next, we just cleaned the floor with a Cincy team that you described as "talented"

Next, you said I mistakenly seem to believe that UCONN will not improve.. I never said that, but it sure seems correct now, doesn't it?

Next, if a team with one lose can't trash talk..well no one can.BTW, UCONN lost by 10 to the same team in CT.

Next the lose to Prov is just bad, even if it was an away game.

Next, yes UNC was overrated, if you read another comment I made you would see I agree.

Next, our non conf is weak? Our SOS now is 10 or 11... When the schedule was made UNC and Florida looked good.. Yes, UCONN has played great teams this year, but losing those games is worse (-Texas) So saying our non conf sch was a joke makes you look like a moron.

Next, "cuse is a good veteran team" WTF are you taking about? Like you told me, do some research. Rautins, AO and Jackson do not make a veteran club, which is why in the pre-season we were not picked to do much of anything.STFU

The only thing you got right was I am a smug Cuse fan!

Notice I am posting this BEFORE the Feb 10th game.

michael20 said:   Oofah   2010-1-27 20:48:38
Nevermind, we're way too inconsistent. We don't necessarily stink, but we seem that way half the time.
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