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bw020566 said:   Re:anyone out there?   2012-3-9 10:13:35
I agree with you. But we still look, because we're fans and we want to know what the rest of the nation thinks of Mizzou. Mizzou has great wins like you mentioned. I don't understand their process. If we take care of business this weekend, it won't matter. Go Tigers!!!! said:   anyone out there?   2012-3-8 12:59:0
Missouri has four losses. Missouri has 27 wins. Defeated Baylor twice, Kansas is a split of one point games. Missouri is 16th in RPI! Behind Indiana, Wichita, UNLV, Georgetown, and (of course) Baylor. Baylor who they are 2-0 against, have a better w-l overall and in the same conference. Why ever look at an RPI?
wired4fx said:   Mizzou Growing just like last year   2010-2-21 5:49:47
I'm happy to say Mizzou is finally coming along and not relying on the tre....Just like last year...possible sweet 16 team!
gousa said:   Re:Congrats on the Squak stompin   2006-1-18 20:11:13
great game! let's hope we have the same luck against wildcats!
PowercatRyan said:   Congrats on the Squak stompin   2006-1-16 19:5:14
The legend on Moody was rewritten
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