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bistincta said:   Re:By the way....   2016-3-20 20:1:17
THOSE aren't National Titles, IDIOT! Those are Helms Championships you won in 1927 and 1936 and yes everybody counts them as Championships but they are SO OLD they are separated out from "National Championships". Get your facts straight smart guy. I hope you didn't attend ND, bc it is an insult to their school that someone as lazy as yourself would graduate from such a highly regarded institute of higher education.
bistincta said:   OOPS NOT VCU!!   2016-3-20 19:38:40
I meant Stephen F. Austin University! Nice squeaker by the NUMBER 14 seed...It's not easy it? Shhhhhhhh
bistincta said:   OH SEAMUS? WHERE ARE YOU?   2016-3-20 17:23:32
Come out from hiding little man...It's 2016 and the #1 overall is about to show you what winning National Championships is all about...nice lucky squeaker against VCU! from that powerhouse scorer, who is it? Mr. 2 min per game Fluke-er? Oh Pfleuger...whatever. and what is this about a Top 10 Top 12 program??? What? You have NO national championships post 1930 stupid! And ONE Final Four back when Digger got you ONE by surprise in 1978!! You all are excited you made back to back Sweet Sixteens! LMAO! That is because you get excited at any kind of winning, No Final Fours and No Championships closing in on 40 years! Let's break out the calculator for the last time you Fighting Drunks won the National Title (Helms)... OH LOOK! IT IS THE 80th ANNIVERSARY SINCE YOU MORONS WON A CHAMPIONSHIP!! LMAO!! You can't win ANYTHING OH-FOOLE so please relax with your amazing attention to Kansas detail. And watch us bring home ANOTHER championship for Bill.
ajgrowney said:   Re:Re:Wow, does Kansas have a lame resume or what?   2012-12-20 13:53:17
Haha funny story is...we made it to the national championship game...enough said. #winning
Seamus O'Toole said:   By the way...   2012-2-28 10:26:24
Kansas has 10 wins vs the RPI top 50. Notre Dame has 8 wins vs the RPI top 50, including a win over the #1 RPI team in the country, Syracuse.
Seamus O'Toole said:   Re:Wow, does Kansas have a lame resume or what?   2012-2-28 10:7:44
Middle of the road basketball program? LMAO. Notre Dame is a top 10-12 basketball program all time dipnoggin. And I am well aware of KU's bball pedigree. The point is, last year you dopes were making fun of Notre Dame for losing to a 10 seed (Florida St), a major college BCS school in the ACC, and then you turn around and lose to an 11 seed, a mid major upstart. Then you were poking fun at the Big East record in the tournament, and a Big East team WON the tournament. You look like silly hick fools and I am here just to remind you of that.

So which mid major lower seed is going to knock KU out THIS year, lol?
jhawk said:   Re:Re:Notre Dame is not better than Kansas   2012-2-23 14:21:44
I cannot believe this loser is back talking smack on KU. No one honestly cares what you have to say. Yes, KU lost in the elite 8....most schools have never even made the elite 8 and that is what is considered a highly mediocre year for the hawks. KU has the 2nd most wins all-time, has been to more final fours (13 total and 3 in the last decade) than 99% of all other schools will ever make it to, has a future hall of fame head coach that will eventually win at least 1 more championship, has arguably the most historic program in the country. The resume speaks for itself, and nothing you spout out of your mouth will ever change that. Just walk away, enjoy your middle of the road basketball program, and get a life my friend....That needs to be the end of it. Please no one respond to this loser any more.
Seamus O'Toole said:   Whoops, replace Richmond with VCU   2012-2-20 22:56:55
my bad, you guys only lost to the ELEVEN SEED, not the TWELVE SEED last year. Even a smaller more unknown school, VCU. LMFAO. So replace VCU for Richmond in my prior posts, and 11 seed for 12 seed, lol.
Seamus O'Toole said:   Re:Re:Wow, does Kansas have a lame resume or what?   2012-2-20 22:52:21
you have to beat #12 seeded teams in order to get the chance to beat the Big East teams, booyaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Seamus O'Toole said:   KANSAS LOST TO A 12 SEED--LMFAO   2012-2-20 22:45:47
This Jayhawk dope is peacocking all over the place about his underachieving KU team when Notre Dame got knocked out by a good ACC TEAM, a major conference, yes, a ten seed, and then KU turns around and loses to A TWELVE SEED, tiny Richmond from a mid major conference. LMFAO. Major fail. I love it. What a bunch of dopes.
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