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8pack said:   NCAA Tournament    2012-1-15 19:24:44
Currently looks like it will take 10-6 in the league to get in.
shaka said:   NIT?   2009-3-13 13:57:49
any chance for NIT?
NCSUharris said:   BLAH   2006-2-27 7:47:55
Boy was I wrong, NCSU couldn't beat william & mary right now. What a bunch of lazy assholes. It looks like they don't care about the game at all, like they are just out there going through the motions, waiting for the game to end.
NCSUharris said:   This is funny   2006-1-5 9:21:45
They have all these messge boards set up and NOBODY ever posts on them, that's funny. State is going to beat UNC this weekend.
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