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terpiam said:   equality   2015-2-20 13:5:54
Terms seem to play at opponents level but keep winning close ones. They have no chance anymore against good teams away from home. They've been a pleasurable surprise in 2014/15 though!
coolguy said:   great game   2010-3-1 21:21:45
vs virginia tech. ready for the prime time....
elliott66 said:   Re:realtime rpi prediction   2010-2-28 10:10:16
crstoner97 said:   The Case for MD   2009-3-7 17:22:50

With the MD loss today at UVA, the Terps fall to 18-12 overall, and 7-9 in the ACC.

Baltimore Sports and Life has reached out to Bracketologists for their thoughts on MD's resume, heading to the ACC Tournament.

Many of these same Bracektologists responded prevously, in the linked posts below:

As their new responses come in, I will be editing this post with their comments, so continue to check back.

Here is how I see MD's chances after today.

Yesterday, Jerry Palm of College RPI / CBS Sports was on local Baltimore radio (WNST 1570) and stated that he had MD in the dance as a 10 seed.

Mr. Palm stated that with a win over Virginia today, he believed the Terps would be in the NCAA Tournament, even with a 1st round ACC Tournament loss to NCST/Miami.

With the UVA loss today, I have to believe MD can make the NCAA Tournament with two wins.

Do you agree, or disagree?

Here is who I see currently in the tournament:

ACC - UNC, Duke, Clemson, Wake Forest, FSU, BC
America East - Tournament Champ Only
Atlantic Sun - Jacksonville
Atlantic 10 - Xavier, Dayton
Big 12 - Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M
Big East - Uconn, Louisville, Marquette, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Villanova, West Virginia
Big Sky - Weber St (Tournament Champ Only)
Big South - Radford (Tournament Champ Only)
Big 10 - Michigan State, Illinois, Purdue, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota
Big West - CSU Northridge (Tournament Champ Only)
Colonial - VCU (Tournament Champ Only)
Conference USA - Memphis
Horizon - Butler
Ivy - Cornell
Metro Athletic - Siena (Tournament Champ Only)
Mid-American - Buffalo (Tournament Champ Only)
Mid-Eastern Athletic - Morgan St (Tournament Champ Only)
Missouri Valley - Creighton (Tournament Champ Only)
Mountain West - BYU, Utah
Northeast - Robert Morris (Tournament Champ Only)
Ohio Valley - (Tournament Champ Only)
Pac 10 - Arizona St, Cal, UCLA, Washington, Arizona
Patriot - American
SEC - LSU, Tennessee
Southland - Stephen F. Austin (Tournament Champ Only)
Southwestern Athletic - Alabama St (Tournament Champ Only)
Southern - Davidson
Summit - North Dakota St (Tournament Champ Only)
Sun Belt - Western Kentucky (Tournament Champ Only)
Western Athletic - Utah State, Nevada
West Coast - Gonzaga

With 62 teams currently 'in', that leaves 22 teams competing for the 3 additional at-large spots.Below I list those 22 teams…. If you have MD out of the Tournament, and you have one of those 22 teams in… please give me the argument of why.

The Terps entered today 58th in RPI, with a SOS of 18th…. When you look at RPI, SOS, Conference RPI, and Quality Wins…. Who out of the list below has a better argument than MD?

Georgetown RPI 43, SOS 2nd (6-11 in the Big East)
Miami RPI 54th, SOS 21st (Split with MD, MD won the last meeting)
Baylor RPI 66th, SOS 18th
VaTech RPI 62nd, SOS 31st
Cincinnati RPI 63rd, SOS 30th
UAB RPI 42nd, SOS 64th
Providence RPI 68th, SOS 41st
San Diego St RPI 46th, SOS 74th
Northwestern RPI 70th, SOS 51st
South Carolina RPI 47th, SOS 84th
Penn State RPI 59th, SOS 79th (lost to Iowa today)
UNLV RPI 50th, SOS 87th
New Mexico RPI 63rd, SOS 80th
Florida RPI 53rd, SOS 91st
Tulsa RPI 61st, SOS 85th
Kentucky RPI 79th, SOS 68th (lost at FL today)
Auburn RPI 72nd, SOS 82nd
Northern Iowa RPI 71st, SOS 89th
Rhode Island RPI 46th, SOS 117th (Lost to RPI 171 Umass today)
Kansas State RPI 77th, SOS 89th
St Mary's RPI 48th, SOS 166th

The Terps finished 7-9 in the Top Ranked RPI Conference… they beat the ACC, and Big 10 Champs… beat Michigan… went 2-1 vs VaTech, and Miami… within the last two weeks, played Top 10 teams Duke, and Wake Forest very tight… beat the regular season champs of the American East, and Patriot League… and their worst loss of the year is to Morgan State… the champion of the MEAC conference.

Shelby N. Mast the Creator of Bracket WAG ( )

"I think right now, at 615 CST - they are on the good side of the bubble - that could change in the next few hours - the bubble teams are NOT stepping up this week - including Maryland. Butler, Gonzaga, etc MUST win so other spots aren't taken. "

Jeff W. The owner of Basketball Predictions ( )

"I think that this final week will have more volatility than you see there. A lot of things will change. It is a mistake to say that we already have 62 teams in the Tournament and that the remaining bubble teams are fighting for only three spots. In reality there are many more spots up for grabs.

So in the case of Maryland, it is impossible to say definitively what will happen if they win one more game, or two more games, because it depends what the rest of the bubble does. We can say pretty definitively that they'll miss the Tournament if they lose their first ACC tournament game. And they'll almost definitely make the Tournament if they make the ACC finals. But if they lose in the ACC quarters or semis then it's just going to depend what happens elsewhere around the country.

My best guess would be that they've got to make the ACC semifinals or they'll be heading to the NIT. But they could possibly sneak in even if they fall in the ACC quarters. And they could make the ACC semis and still go to the NIT.

It's going to depend on dozens of other games around the country over the next week. If they had beaten Virginia today then they would not have been a lock. But they only would have had to beat NC State or Miami in the first round of the ACC tournament to lock up a bid. Now they're going to have to do a whole lot more."
justtest said:   realtime rpi prediction   2009-2-24 20:25:22
according to realtimerpi, terps will lost will 4 reamining games and drop the rpi to 75 before conf. play.
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