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bigmule99 said:   Army should be at least 3 spots higher   2012-12-11 21:2:41
Army beat Marist by 34. Marist beat Vanderbilt by 17. Army lost to Penn State by only 8. Penn State is 148. Vanderbilt is 167, and Marist is 218. What's the deal? Army is 233!
Seamus O'Toole said:   LEHIGH   2012-3-19 17:34:10
LEHIGH # 92 in RPI, Duke #5 in RPI.
LEHIGH # 79 in Pomeroy, Duke #20.

I love it. Not only are the Lehigh kids smarter than the Dookies, they are better basketball players too. LMFAO.



A bunch of geeky engineers knocks out Duke in the first round on basically their HOME COURT. I love it. OVERRATED. Just as I have been saying all along. Its the DOOK name that gets them the 2 seed. And this year even the home court advantage wasn't enough. MASSIVE AND UTTER HISTORIC FAILURE.

moronsspellitdook said:   Re:Acc to Pomeroy, Duke should have been a 5 seed   2012-3-13 14:33:12
It's a good thing Ken Pomeroy isn't on the selection committee then isn't it? According to him that weak ass Notre Dame team should be a #1 seed in the NIT and Miami should be in.
Seamus O'Toole said:   Acc to Pomeroy, Duke should have been a 5 seed   2012-3-12 9:19:4
Proving once again that Duke benefits from TV exposure and reputation, according to Ken Pomeroy, Duke is 17th and thus should have had a 5 seed. Instead, they once again get the coveted 1 or 2 seed and get basically a home game for the first two rounds. If they are a 5 seed, they most likely aren't playing in Greensboro.
Seamus O'Toole said:   ACC 6th in RPI, Big East 2nd   2012-3-12 9:5:33
Big East again proves the strength and DEPTH of the conference finishing 2nd this year in RPI and second in SOS. ACC finished 6th in RPI, behind the Mountain West Conference. Once again,the stats prove that the BE is the deeper more talented overall conference top to bottom. The ACC is top heavy with a few good teams at the top.
Seamus O'Toole said:   Re: Bring on Duke Baby!!!!   2012-3-12 8:47:53
Come on Irish, don't let me down. Take care of Xavier so we can teach Dook a few things about basketball. Sure, as usual, Duke gets basically a home game, which is how the NCAA sel comm designs it every year for Dook and NCal so they get at least to the Sweet 16, but lets stick it right up their plumleys this year.
Oysterbar said:   Re:Big East vs ACC   2012-3-9 19:47:49
Your depth argument also is not based on the actual statistics of the tournaments. In the past 20 years, 3 ACC teams have won the NCAA tourney, but only 2 BE teams. Furthermore, in the past 20 years the ACC has won 8 NCAA Championships, whereas the BE has only won 4. Also, who can forget last years sweet 16: 3/4 ACC teams made it to the sweet 16, whereas only 2/11 BE teams. I'm struggling to find statistics which support your depth argument. Instead, all I'm finding is statistics which show the BE to be CONSISTENTLY overrated.

Lastly, as an update, the BE is currently 0 - 8 against non-conference top 15 RPI teams. Pathetic.
Seamus O'Toole said:   Big East vs ACC   2012-3-9 15:33:5
The Big East is the only conference (partly due to its sheer size) where a middle of the pack BE team is good enough to win the entire NCAA tournament, like UConn did last year. In no other conference can you say that. The only teams that could realistically win a national title in the ACC are Duke and UNC. In the Big East, most years Syracuse, UConn, Gtown, Louisville could be Final 4 teams, and lately, Notre Dame, Marquette, West Va have been potentially at that level. Pitt and Villanova also, until this year. Its about depth. What makes the BE so tough to play in is that you are facing a whole slew of quality teams week to week, not just one great team and a lot of mediocrity. What tends to happen because of this is that BE beats up on each other, esp in the BE tourney, which sometimes takes a toll in the NCAA tourney. In no other conference can you say this 9th place team (UConn) is a threat to win it all. That is called DEPTH.
scrbnrd2 said:   Duke should be a #1 seed   2012-2-27 11:55:34
Look at that record. Against Michigan, Kansas, and Michigan state on neutral court, wins against FSU and UNC on the road. Duke should be the #3 or 4 overall seed in the tourney. Barring an early exit from the ACC tourney, I think they will.
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