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cshea1972 said:   Can you get the schedule correct?   2015-2-2 15:29:7
They played and beat St. Louis this week-end. No game here. St. Louis shows a win against someone else. Really? How can we believe that the rankings are accurate when there are 3 issues with one teams schedule this season?
cshea1972 said:   Iona game?   2014-12-31 6:49:49
Not sure if this will help or hurt, but there was a game on 12/30 vs. Iona that needs to be on the schedule.
gradetsky said:   Can someone fix the umass vs florida st game   2014-12-4 10:14:8
Umass beat florida st 75 to 69, it says right now we lost 46 to 74. Its throwing everything off and making us look bad and probably affecting all the teams that played against us extremely negatively.
gradetsk said:   Re:Re:Umass   2008-3-1 18:28:1
I was actually checking it out and now that URI is ranked in the 60's we really need to move up a few spots only the top 48 are going to make it in the other 16 are going to come from league tournaments which have teams that aren't close to the top 64, and now that syracuse lost to pittsburgh and BC lost a close one to North Carolina I don't see use moving up in the rpi but actually moving down even if we win all our games we are definately boarder line what do you think we will make it or not
jforest443 said:   Re:Umass   2008-2-22 10:12:9
Well they beat URI last night so I think the patriot league can wait.

Great game!!
monterio13 said:   Umass   2008-2-13 20:24:58
This is it for Umass. It's right in front of them. If they can somehow go 6-1 down the stretch they should make the tournament. Seriously if you can't beat the likes of Fordham, St.louis, St, Bona, LaSalle, and GW. Then pack it up and join the Patriot League.
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