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tbogan621 said:   Re:UD almost there?   2011-1-18 12:25:56
they can only hope so
robH said:   UD almost there?   2009-2-24 23:51:30
Could be they will play Ohio State in the First round? There is BUZZZ!
robH said:   Re:What a ????   2009-2-1 1:21:43
It's time for UD to step up thier game like X has or it's going to be a loonnngggee March dry spell.
Flyerfaithful said:   What a ????   2008-3-15 1:15:14
sad ending to one of the best start of UD history,i know that losing Chris Wright was huge,but i think that BG has to go.I think the next coach should be a former UD grad,Anthony Grant
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