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irvines chances this year
2008-12-18 15:20:9 Post by machogeek
i like irvine.....but the only chance they have this year is the big west tourney to get the bid.... at least 5 teams are better this year...and irvine is picked by both media and coaches to be at next to the bottom of the standings....i dont have a team i think will take it..... but i think it will be between pacific, ucsb, fullerton, davis and riverside...... northridge isnt living up to hype so far.. long beach has only won vs weak teams even tho they have a passable record overall, davis is about a year away, and poor cal poly is just pathetic....riverside is the surprise team so far, but i think it will fade in the conference race....i see a potential 3 way tie again this year....


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