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Time to revamp SOS
2012-2-28 5:55:29 Post by psadna1
The SOS is a joke. Way too much weight given to lower ranked teams- ESPECIALLY in women's basketball. Take the current comparison between Notre Dame and Stanford. Currently, ND's SOS is 13th, Stanford 14th. Similar SOS, right? Wrong. Top 40 teams played? Notre Dame 14, Stanford 7
Top 20 teams played? Notre Dame 10, Stanford 2
And they are side by side in SOS? Hardly. Not even close, really. How much does it matter if the team you are playing is ranked 75th, or 200th? (at least if you're a top 20 team). Answer: It doesn't. Yet, in determining the SOS, the lower ranked teams are given way too much weight.
I would propose that RPI adds algorithm that reduces the weight of lower seeded opponents, the higher a team is ranked. The algorithm would have to be different for each sport- as the parity levels change, but that can be done- or it could be a fluid algorithm, based on fluctuating parity during the season.


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