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Last #1 seed; How is Purdue not back in the discussion after Duke and KSU losses?
2010-3-4 10:47:13 Post by danosc
Obviously Joe Lunardi is the only one talking about the #1 seeds that is considering all the worthy contenders for the last slot. Yes, Purdue lost a key player, but Robbie Hummel was not Purdue's only weapon.

Yes, they lost to MSU at home on Sunday, but they split with the Spartans and Ohio St. this year (with a healthy Evan Turner both games). Furthermore, MSU is a tough opponent anytime and the loss of Hummel should not be the only conclusion for why Purdue lost that game. Last night they blew out Indiana, an inferior opponent lately, but nevertheless, a blowout without Hummel.

If they win on Saturday at Penn State, which they most likely will, they will tie OSU for the Big 10 regular season championship. They will be ranked in the top 5 with a 26-4 record going into the Big Ten Tournament. They are currently 11th in the RPI and 10-4 vs. the RPI top 100 and 6-3 vs. the RPI Top 30. That's three of only four season losses that were against RPI Top 30 teams and every loss was against the RPI Top 100.

Their body of work before Hummel's injury has to count for something. Take last season, UNC lost a key player toward the end of the regular season in Ty Lawson and his return was questionable at the time, yet they still were the top #1 seed.
Purdue has to, at least, be part of the discussion again.

I hope the NCAA selection committee is a little more realistic than some of the knuckleheads spouting off at the mouth. They should take notes from Joe Lunardi.


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