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Ratings 2/28/10
2010-2-28 7:36:35 Post by USN585
I understand there are multiple factors to the ratings, not just who beat who yesterday. However, I still don't see how Kansas, Texas, and Georgetown lose (Georgetown to #65) and stay exactly the same; while Texas A&M, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Vanderbilt, Gonzaga, UAB, Dayton, and UNLV all WIN on the same day and they all DROP in the ratings. The first 4 listed all beat RPI teams of 80 or better (T A&M beat #24). Butler beat #169 the on Friday and they went up 2 places. Earlier in the week T A&M lost to #12, Dayton lost to #19, and WV and Pitt lost road games to #42 and #65, but none of those losses should have overridden yesterday's wins. Sorry, this time it doesn't make sense to me.


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