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Gonzaga Exposed
2009-1-4 7:35:49 Post by syracuse
As a fan of a Big East school, I'm sick and tired of hearing about the plight of the mid-majors, and their need for respect, especially Gonzaga. This year the Zags have been exposed with their 9 - 4 record against a (stellar??) non-conference schedule. Well, you didn't get it done and now your conference schedule begins. According to todays RPI rankings you will play 17 more games and only 6, yes 6, will be against teams with an RPI below 100. You are likely to win 14 or 15 of those games and end up with let's say 24 wins. The pundents will say you belong in the tournament because you are a cinderella team. I would rather see up to 12 Big East teams make it rather than a cinderella want-to-be such as this, who is likely to win maybe one game in tournament. Mid-majors, take the conference champions and maybe one other, if they beat a major along the way. Let the real teams dance!!


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