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Re:No Respect: Tubby
2007-2-21 21:39:58 Post by ukfano3
Up until this year, I was a Tubby fan and didn't want him to go. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a Tubby fan. He is a good coach and a character guy. I will trade a few wins for character. My knock on Tubby was always in recruiting - he never seemed to get the big recruits to UK. After this year, however, he no longer can say that. This junior class was ranked #1 and our freshman class is a great class as well. This should have been our year to make a strong run. If Tubby doesn't make the elite eight, he needs to be let go. And I like Tubby. He's a good coach, but I'm beginning to think he is over his head at UK. Just when I thought we were playing good basketball, we lose three in a row - 2 at home! I'm losing confidence in Tubby. We'll see what he does with the last 3 games and the tournaments.


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