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2011-2-23 8:5:17 Post by jschneck28
Stands for rated percentage index, basically it's a formula used to project a computer based ranking of all NCAA basketball programs. Similar of that to college football's BCS. It's based on strength of schedule, overall record, conference and non-conference wins, bad losses, and true road wins. Though Bama's tied for the best overall record in the SEC and their overall record is decent, their RPI is hurting because they had a horrible non-conference record, 5 bad losses to sub RPI 80 teams, including St. Peter's, Providence, Iowa, Seton Hall, and Oklahoma St. And they have only 4 true road wins, Auburn, LSU, Miss St, and Tennessee which was a great win. That win and their home win against Kentucky is what's keeping the Tide in the RPI top 100. Their RPI is now currently 78, but that can only improve slightly with wins at home against Auburn and on the road against Ole Miss. You'll see a RPI leap though if they either upset Florida in Gainesville who has a RPI of 13, or beat Georgia at home who has a RPI in the 30's. ROLL TIDE!!!


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