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JT, NO Fredette = LOSS!!WINERS!
2010-2-28 10:16:42 Post by ROHOLOBO
Tavernari showed cougar fans what he is made of .Fact!Without Fredette BYU has shown that Emery and Cummard cant step up when needeed. Unlike LOBOS when needed have found ways to to win with or without Hobson or Gary. So get ready whoever wins this week( UNLV-Byu) will play in semi- final game in MWC in vegas.So lets see how Cougars will do. This will Be re-palyed in Vegas! Them Gues what only #1 spot will be filled by YES, LOBOs. Hopefully we will see Rose, and his baby cry JT ones more for a Final MWC Championship! Ones and for all shut dis-respectful MWC fans up. Support your #1 MWC Champs in NCAA. be a proud winner and not a SORE LOOSER!!!


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