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Creighton down, but not out.
2009-3-8 17:10:31 Post by Longwood
Jays got smacked pretty good by Redbirds. ISU's loss to Northern Iowa probably did more harm to Jays' chances for at-large bid than if ISU had won. BUT I think the Jays still have a pretty good shot when considering their fine record (26-7, second best in school history), an excellent season ending run (11-1), a solid RPI (individually-33 & conference-9) and about eight "quality" wins including over New Mexico, Dayton, George Mason and both ISU & UNI during their final winning streak. (ISU, as talented as they are, won't make it because of their weak non-conference opposition.) So, barring too many major upsets during other conference tournaments, rest easy all you Jay fans and look forward to a winning bid next Sunday for our team! GO JAYS!


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