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Tulsa fan needs help !!!!!!
2011-2-26 9:42:12 Post by TigerFanoakland
I read the book from iansplanet a Tulsa fan and he is from a differenent planet. 1st he wrote a book not a message, 2nd he said Tulsa did not lose to Memphis the refs stole the game. Then he goes on a long RANT on how bad Memphis is and how good Tulsa is he might be unhappy because Memphis beat Tulsa so many times YOU THINK. It sounds to me like you need anger management that may help that and if Tulsa would win more. But just because Memphis has been good in basketball for several years please remember that has nothing to do with how bad Tulsa has been. Make your team better by talking to your AD at Tulsa and quit blaming Memphis for your problems.


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