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2011-2-21 9:20:49 Post by danielmangrum
You really came over here to write an essay on Calipari and express your love for your team?

Nice try.

Memphis will return to dominating CUSA. We're the 3rd youngest team in Division I and still have 20 wins so far this season. First of all, Calipari left Memphis... the NCAA already laid the hammer on Memphis even though Calipari and D Rose are gone so we're still on probation for their choices. Memphis has ONE player left from the Calipari era and he has missed about 10 games this year. Pastner is our new coach and he is setting up his program. Last year we had seven scholarship players and still got 2nd in CUSA (What's your excuse?). For Pastner's first recruiting class he brought in a top 5 class (whats your excuse?). These freshmen are logging more minutes than any freshmen in the country combined. But they are freshmen running our team. Now that's just going to be dangerous for you next year and the year after. These freshmen have gained solid experience this year. Add in top 10 recruit Adonis Thomas and you guys are pretty much screwed.

So next time you feel the need to complain about Calipari and gush over your mediocre team...



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