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Wow, what a response!!!
2011-3-1 19:43:6 Post by scardog82
I'm shocked my projection of the Orange being a three seed after Sat. win at Georgetown caused such an uproar at this usually dormant message board. I think all the legitimate bracketology sites (ESPN, CBS, Bracketography, etc) now project SU to be a three if Selection Sunday were today (3/1). Check out the 2011 Bracket Matrix if you don't believe me. There is no way if SU wins the BET they're not bumped up one line to a 2 seed. I even dare to say that a 1 seed is still a remote possibility with the right breaks. Especially now that BYU is without Davies (no way they get a 1 seed now no matter what they do in the MWC tourny). Let's go Orange!!!


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