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Re:Re:Re:Re:NCAA Seeding
2011-3-1 17:7:48 Post by ecmic
"Do you still "fail to see any way (SU) WOULDN'T get a 2 seed in this situation"?"

Actually yes, I do fail to see. The only number you cite is RPI, as if it is be-all end-all. RPI is only a peice of the puzzle, and the committee consistantly seeds teams with lower RPI's above teams with higher RPI's based on other factors.

I'll go through your scenario:
- If Syracuse wins the BET and Texas loses in the B12 final, Syracuse will without a doubt be ahead of Texas on the S-Curve. Syracuse will have more quality wins than Texas, fewer losses, and a conference tournament championship.

- If Syracuse wins the BET and Florida wins the SEC tournament, Syracuse will be ahead of Florida on the S-Curve. Most bracketologists already have Syracuse above Florida, and to win the BET Syracuse will have picked up more quality wins than Florida (Florida has all of ONE RPI top 20 win so far; Syracuse has 4). I mean really, look at Syracuse's body of work, and then look at Florida's. It's obvious. Syracuse has better wins and Florida has worse losses.

- If Syracuse wins the BET and UNC loses to Duke in the ACC finals, Syracuse will definately be ahead of UNC on the S-Curve. Syracuse will have one (probably 2)less losses than UNC and about 5 or 6 more top 20 RPI wins. Again, compare the two teams' bodies of work. It's not close.

- If Syracuse wins the BET, they'll likely end up 2-0 vs Notre Dame, have an equal number of quality wins and an equal number of losses, and Syracuse will have a conference championship. Syracuse would end up ahead of Notre Dame on the S-Curve in this situation, based on head-to-head and Conference championship.

- If Syracuse wins the BET, that would mean St. John's would have ten losses. Do you really think a ten loss team would end up ahead of a 29-6 BET Champion on the S-Curve? Ain't NO way! Same reasoning goes for Georgetown.

Add to all this the fact that Syracuse has one of the most impressive Road/Neutral resume's in the country. If Syracuse wins the BET they will definately be a 2 seed in your scenario. You put WAY too much stock in RPI. Please just look at Florida's resume. Or UNC's. There's NO way they are ahead of Syracuse on the S-Curve.


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