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Re:Re:Re:NCAA Seeding
2011-3-1 9:53:49 Post by jdog
Uh, SU's RPI ranking is 16, so how can you say there aren't 12 teams with better profiles? I think you're just counting *'s on the realtimerpi SU results board to justify jumping SU 3-4 places up the RPI rankings.

Also, beating GTown (then 7th in RPI, now 8th) only moved them up one place in the RPI rankings, and beating Depaul will drop them down again. And, Seton Hall currently has an RPI of 100, with games remaining against St. Johns and Marquette, so soon Syracuse WILL have a sub-100 RPI loss. At home. By 22. Finally, when determining the final seeding, the committee won't be blind to the fact that we beat GTown the first game after Chris Wright's injury.

To say that SU is "easily a three seed" right now is wishful thinking, and saying that 7 RPI top 20 wins (at the end of the BET) would be "far more than any other team in the nation" is just wrong. Notre Dame, for example, already has 6, (and St. Johns has 5) compared to SU's 4, before the BET even starts.

I will concede that it's conceivable that SU will get a 2 seed if they win the BET, but it's certainly not a lock, and they'd definitely need some help. Let's say BYU wins their their conference tourney, Ohio St. beats Purdue (or Wisconsin) in the Big 10 final, Kansas beats Texas in the Big 12 final, Florida beats Kentucky to win the SEC, Duke beats UNC to win the ACC, and Pitt, Notre Dame, St. John's and/or Georgetown win enough games in the BET to stay ahead of SU in the RPI. ALL OF THOSE TEAMS are currently ahead of SU in the RPI, would be conference champions/runners up, or both.

Do you still "fail to see any way (SU) WOULDN'T get a 2 seed in this situation"?


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