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Definition of Ironic
2011-3-10 15:44:45 Post by Crow347
A ND fan that is a total tool that happens to be named O'Toole!

How many teams had a winning conference record on the road? Duh, most of them that are heading to the NCAA tourney. Pitt, Syracuse, Duke, UNC, KU, TX, Arizona, UCLA, UAB, BYU, San Diego St, and about 20 more!!

What does ND have that very few other teams have? Opportunity! Scheduling is a crap shoot. It is done so far out that there is almost no way to predict who will be top 25/50 teams. For example, KU played: UCLA, Arizona, Memphis, Cal, USC, TX, KSU, MU, Baylor, TX A&M, and OU. All of these teams were top 25 teams in past few years.

Bottom line, you're a homer and you think ND is the best team ever. Realistically, there a good team that has almost no chance of making the elite eight.


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