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Duke deserved a 1 seed over Notre Dame
2011-3-14 9:37:16 Post by Oysterbar
Which team profile is better?

Team A--
2 top 10 RPI wins
17 top 100 RPI wins
Beat a top 10 team on a neutral court
Won the Conference Championship
Lost at St. Johns by 15
Coached by world's greatest D1 coach

Team B--
1 top 10 RPI wins
15 top 100 RPI wins
Beat a top 10 team away
Not the Conference Champion
Lost at St. Johns by 18
Coached by a guy who's never been to an Elite 8

Not looking at names, it should be obvious Team A should get a higher seed than Team B.
You would have to be an idiot to disagree, but don't take my word for it, just ask the selection committee :)

Team A is Duke. Team B is Notre Dame.

Before you all go on about how hard Notre Dame's schedule is let's look at their SOS rankings:

Duke: 24
ND: 20



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