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Re:Notre Dame has 11 wins vs top 50
2011-3-13 13:43:2 Post by Nate22
I'll take a #2 seeding but people talking trash on our non-conf schedule should take a look around.

Kentucky - SEC Champs
Gonzaga - WCC Champs
Indiana St - MVC Champs
Stony Brook - Conf. Tourney runners-up
Liberty - Reg season conf runners-up
Wisconsin - Shouldnt have to say anything
Cal - Solid Pac-10 opponent
Georgia - Bubble team

Not to mention look at the conf and the 10 teams we played that are tourney bound.

Look at Duke...a KSU team that busted, a Michigan St team that busted, a trouncing by St Johns, whats the leave you with Butler and Princeton as tourney teams?
All of UNC's non-conf games that were worth anything they lost besides Kentucky unless you wanna count of the whipping boys of the Big East. All around a down year for the ACC that use to see half the conf ranked.


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