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Notre Dame needs to be ranked higher
2011-2-28 0:5:53 Post by Seamus O'Toole
ND has 7 top 25 wins and TEN top 50 wins, tied with Ohio St and Pitt for most in the country. Yet ND is consistently ranked behind teams like Duke, who has ONE top 25 win. ND should be ranked ahead of teams like Purdue(2-3 vs top 25) and Wisconsin, who ND beat on a neutral court. It would be ridiculous if those teams ended up getting a higher seed than ND. Reward the teams for what they accomplished on the court, especially in the toughest conference in the country. Wins vs Wisconsin, Georgia, Gonzaga, Gtown, UConn, at Pitt, St John's, Cincy, Marquette, Louisville.....that is a top seed resume if there ever was one.


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