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2010-1-2 11:23:23 Post by michael20
Pickle, you betray your ignorance by first assuming that a one possession loss (decided by a ref) was a bad one, especially at the hands of a talented young Cincy squad on their home floor. Second, you mistakenly seem to believe that UConn will not improve, or that our effort at Cincy was somehow the best we have in us (did you see the Kentucky game?).
Third, you might want to check your own team before you start talking trash. SPANKED by Pittsburgh on your own home floor? Verrrry weak, pickle. We all knew UNC was overrated, but the media built up that win because, well, they like saying that UNC is great. Cuse is a good veteran team, but the hype was mostly built on an easy schedule and an overhyped victory over a UNC squad that should be ranked 20-25 at best. You guys will also improve, but your nonconference record was a joke.


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