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2011-2-28 0:35:16 Post by Seamus O'Toole
And Notre Dame has SEVEN top 25 wins, and TEN top 50 wins, including beating Pitt at Pitt, and Wisconsin on a neutral court. So lets compare. Kansas with their ONE top 25 win and Duke with their ONE top 25 win are the most overranked teams in the country. BYU has had a nice season but lets be real, if they had to play a top 25 team in the Big East every week, the Jimmer would have his nadz shredded to bits and BYU would be begging for mercy.

I would love to see ND get matched up with BYU in the tourney, maybe in the Elite 8 to play to get in the Final Four. We have a little unfinished business left over from about 1981 to take care of, named Danny Ainge, and there would be nothing sweeter than to knock the Jimmer out of the tourney yelping for the onslaught to stop. See, ND has about 4 guys who can make it rain 3s, not just one.


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