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Re:Notre Dame is not better than Kansas
2011-3-7 0:57:2 Post by Seamus O'Toole
I don't know what these Realtime RPI dopes are smoking, but there is NO WAY Kansas has played a tougher schedule than Notre Dame. Sagarin has Kansas's schedule at #30 and Notre Dame at #11. Maybe Realtime RPI has their numbers backwards. ND is 9-4 vs the top 25 and 12-5 vs the top 50 in Sagarin. Those are the most wins in those categories in the nation. Kansas is a paltry 2-2 vs the top 25 and 7-2 vs the top 50. In other words, Kansas plays a far less rigorous schedule. Even here ND has 7 top 25 wins and Kansas has 2. Everyone knows the BE is easily the toughest conference in the country with the top RPI by far and 10-11 teams will be in the tourney. The B12 is 3rd in RPI and after the top 4 teams its sketchy on who even gets in. They MIGHT get 6. In sum, there are all KINDS of objective facts which show that Notre Dame is a better basketball team than Kansas and has played a much more rigorous schedule. But the media, who is blinded by brand names, fails to do their homework and look closely at the numbers, and thus teams like Kansas and Duke continue to be ranked higher than they should be over more worthy teams like Notre Dame. Boooyaaaa.


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