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Tarheels deserve overall #1 seed in NCAA tournament even if they dont win the ACC tournament!!
2009-3-13 12:31:49 Post by shaneburke
Carolina is the team to beat in the NCAA tournament and should be the #1 overall seed! UNC dominated the strongest conference in all of college basketball, yes they lost two games when conference play started but look at the two teams, Boston College who beat Duke and will be in the dance and Wake at Wake which went to #1 in the land shortly after and will be at least no lower than a 3 seed. And of course the hickup at Maryland which will make the dance as well. I know the big east followers will say they are the best conference but I beg to differ, not taking nothing away from them, the big east is a very strong conference but its not the ACC. This is evident after most the top seeds in the big east, except for Louisville has already been bounced out of their tournament. As for louisville I'm sure we don't have to remind them who put them out of the NCAA tournament last year but I will refresh their and the big east supporters memories,Hmm it was North Carolina!! As for UCONN they will probably get a #1 seed gave to thm but undeservably, they lost to Syracuse last night in one of the most exciting games I've seen in a long time and pittsburg handled UCONN twice who got beat down by West Virginia!! So here, in my opinion, and I'm not an expert just a huge sports fan should be the #1 seeds. Of course UNC is the #1 overall seed, followed by louisville, rather they win their conference or not. Then memphis, yes I know they play in a cup cake conference but their record is hard to leave them out and they beat gonzaga at gonzaga, tennessee at tenn, texas, and they have a good rpi versus top 50 teams The fourth #1 will be michigan st if they win their conference tournament, if not then the spot will go to UCONN which it should go to Pittsburgh since they beat UCONN twice. These should be the #1 seeds in this order, UNC,Louisville,Memphis, Michigan St(if they win their conf) if not Pitt should b the fourth and finall #1 seed. With Ty Lawson healthy and UNC the #1 overall seed it doesn't really matter what team is seeded where, cause UNC will be cutting down the nets in Detroit.Which other teams have beat highly ranked teams like UNC has, they beat Duke twice, ranked in the top 7 both times. Clemson twice, which the tigers were #9 and #12 in those games. Florida St twice,which has a #22 ranking, Notre Dame by 18 points and the irish was #5 at the time.The heels blew out Michigan St at the spartans home court and they was #4 at the time and #6 now. UNC has played and easily beat at least 10 more teams that will be in the tournament! Without a doubt the tarheels are the most talented and best team in college basketball and has a hall of fame coach at the wheel of this machine of a team!! The tarheels can outscore any team out there, they just need to play defense like they have been over the past two months and the National Championship will be back in Chapel Hill, where it belongs!! GO HEELS!! After this year we will lose some key parts of our beloved Tarheels but we will all be tarheels for life. Its not a rebuilding year next year its a reloading year and another ACC championship and a run at the national championship. With gineyard,the outstanding freshmen davis,zeller,drew II, and if we can get lawson to come back with the #1 rated recruting class the next two years in the country coming in we are looking good for years to come!!! With Roy Williams and the prestige of North Carolina the tarheels will always be in the hunt for the ACC crown and National Championship!!! I've bled tarheel blew since 1981, thru the good and bad. My son does and my baby on the way will also :). We are tarheels for life and all the other teams in the dance this year get ready to put ur big boy shorts on cause when the tarheels come a calling you better bring all u got cause all of us tarheels will be!!! Tar-heels!!! Tar-heels!!! Go heels!!! See you in Detroit hoisting up the trophy for all the land to see. GO HEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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