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is it possible to win a freakin road game??????
2007-1-29 12:54:9 Post by fsu wtf?
This weekend's lackluster win over Wake aside, FSU is a good home team. Possibly great. Sometimes it just looks like they dont want to be out on the court. But here is what I dont get. WHY oh why, can they not freakin win a road game??? I went to see them last year when they played @UVA in Charlottesville, and they beat them in overtime. I was in complete disbelief as they had gone something ridiculous like 2-33 on the road in ACC games over the past few years. What is the deal? Why do they not have that desire, that killer instink on the road?? They can beat Duke at home, play well against UNC......JUST WIN ON THE FREAKIN ROAD!!


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