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Big East vs ACC
2012-3-9 15:33:5 Post by Seamus O'Toole
The Big East is the only conference (partly due to its sheer size) where a middle of the pack BE team is good enough to win the entire NCAA tournament, like UConn did last year. In no other conference can you say that. The only teams that could realistically win a national title in the ACC are Duke and UNC. In the Big East, most years Syracuse, UConn, Gtown, Louisville could be Final 4 teams, and lately, Notre Dame, Marquette, West Va have been potentially at that level. Pitt and Villanova also, until this year. Its about depth. What makes the BE so tough to play in is that you are facing a whole slew of quality teams week to week, not just one great team and a lot of mediocrity. What tends to happen because of this is that BE beats up on each other, esp in the BE tourney, which sometimes takes a toll in the NCAA tourney. In no other conference can you say this 9th place team (UConn) is a threat to win it all. That is called DEPTH.


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