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How is Duke even considered a top 10 team?
2011-2-28 0:18:10 Post by Seamus O'Toole
God, I am so sick of Duke. They have ONE WIN against a top 25 team all year, yet they not only have been ranked in the top 5 all year, they have been ranked #1! Now they lose to bottom feeder bubble team Va Tech. Time to rank Duke where they belong--out of the top 10. Notre Dame has SEVEN top 25 wins and TEN top 50 wins, tied with Ohio St and Pitt for the most top 50. ND plays a much tougher schedule. Yet Duke is always ranked higher. If Duke had to play in the Big East, where you have to go on the road every week and face a top 25 team, week in and week out, they would struggle to have a winning record in the BE. Let's stop with the toe-tapping Duke favors in the men's john and put this team where it belongs.


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