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Louisville should be #2 or #3 in BCS Poll
2007-1-9 18:38:28 Post by Bobby Petrino
What a crime it is that voters can not bare to give Louisville their due credit in the polls. Granted, Louisville does not deserve #1 or #2 (maybe), but, #6 in the BCS. What a joke! Louisville is the only one loss team to lose 1 game to a ranked team by less than 7 pts (Rutgers by 3 pts, who was undefeated at the time), and beat 9 bowl teams - 6 of which one their bowl, won the Big East (who was 5-0 in bowls), beat the ACC champion, Wake Forest in the Orange Bowl. None of this would have been an issue if we could have played in the Sugar Bowl against LSU and ND would have been relegated to a more fitting bowl like the El Paso Bowl !! Wake up BCS and voters !!


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