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2009-1-18 2:40:27 Post by MichaelMotta

I think the change must have been made toward the end of this past week (Friday or so) because I thought maybe the website was just having temporary difficulties on Friday night. When I signed up for an account on Saturday, I figured that would do the trick, but it didn't.

I thought the ads were supposed to pay for these kinds of sites that really can't have much overhead. I mean there isn't a lot to the site really but a data cruncher and relatively small amounts of data at that. Of all the college sports that use RPI, it only provides RPI for men's and women's basketball - no ice hockey, no soccer, no volleyball, no field hockey, no baseball, no softball, no lacrosse . . . so it's not as if it's some kind of juggernaut. It's cool, but to me it doesn't seem like it should be "premium".


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