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Two teams dancing in 20122012-2-3 11:5:34kink2u
MVC2011-1-9 15:13:56emiller123
best of the mid majors2008-12-31 13:17:19mmvs
not so strong this year2008-12-28 20:22:12ncaasucks
MVC - Power Conference Now!2007-3-1 21:59:2salukis
Re:UNI in top 252007-1-22 10:51:48danesch
UNI in top 252007-1-9 12:35:25jdub22
Re:UNI Top 25??2007-1-7 13:5:31ncaasucks
UNI Top 25??2007-1-6 13:25:2pantherfan2
MVC rocks2007-1-5 10:1:52salukis
My Valley Top 5 going into Thrs games2007-1-4 15:19:8pantherfan2
Re:4 bids this season2007-1-3 10:40:31salukis
4 bids this season2007-1-2 13:4:44jdub22
hope MVC can make some noises2006-2-4 21:1:0gousa
Since ValleyTalk.net is AWOL....2006-2-1 19:7:15okstarsfan
The MVC should get 4 but:2006-1-23 7:27:42cowboy_todd_25
Three - four teams to the NCAA Tourny2006-1-13 9:53:28rchif0
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