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How does your RPI drop winning 5 in a row against good opponents?????2011-2-21 6:6:27Vandy2010
Re:Does a teams RPI ranking change during the season?2011-1-27 16:1:1wildonrio
friday games2011-1-21 11:23:39Maxxav
backtesting2010-12-30 6:40:56hammerxoxo
backtesting2010-12-30 6:39:48hammerxoxo
SEC2010-3-14 4:44:27nooutlet44
Richmond Spiders2010-3-13 18:10:39gcarter29
Does a teams RPI ranking change during the season?2010-3-7 10:10:11Bradyoung
Last #1 seed; How is Purdue not back in the discussion after Duke and KSU losses?2010-3-4 10:47:13danosc
Ratings 2/28/102010-2-28 7:36:35USN585
Re:Ratings2010-2-7 18:41:15MikeyG32
NM LOBOS2010-1-25 8:37:12bballkid
last week RTRs2009-3-24 8:8:25job203
SOS Question...2009-3-14 2:35:17gekko13
hot teams2009-3-13 18:1:58gousa
Tournament surprises2009-3-11 11:08:45ncaasucks
When those Saints go marching in.....2009-3-11 10:39:34wewilli
Re:Re:rpi calculation question?2009-3-9 20:39:35justtest
Re:rpi calculation question?2009-3-9 15:27:17drmonk
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