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Down Duke again2017-2-23 7:26:48Pickle
A Rivalry Con't2016-1-18 23:6:6scardog82
A Rivalry is Born. 2014-2-1 19:54:41scardog82
2-3 Zone was suffocating2013-3-28 21:33:21scardog82
Awesome2013-3-15 18:48:41jdog
Great Win!2013-1-19 16:29:39scardog82
2012-3-9 6:36:30Pickle
29-12012-2-26 14:0:44scardog82
UCONN2012-2-24 10:23:26aknapp678
Re:Notre Dame should be ranked #12012-2-24 10:18:49aknapp678
great RPI, but not playing well lately2012-2-22 20:4:36jdog
Re:RPI rankings cut thru the BS2012-2-22 18:47:40erolflynn
Re:Notre Dame should be ranked #12012-2-21 18:48:10TPCuse19
Notre Dame should be ranked #12012-2-20 22:59:45Seamus O'Toole
Great win at Louisville2012-2-13 22:31:3scardog82
Re:I agree to a point,2012-2-4 14:30:43thetwothree
I agree to a point,2012-1-18 7:5:15Pickle
RPI rankings cut thru the BS2012-1-11 6:49:23erolflynn
3 seed is a lock.2011-3-11 19:34:12scardog82
RPI-Tourney seed2011-3-6 14:11:26lowgd1
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